Population, Sexual Pleasure, and Better Fathers

With regard to below, this is more what I’m talking about. Gloria Steinem is a writer, activist, and well-known feminist. Here (http://www.grist.org/article/2010-12-23-gloria-steinem-on-population-sexual-pleasure-men-parents) she talks about the ways that gender equality, in  addition to loving and healthy relationships, can not only contribute to social and political justice but also help solve our ongoing environmental crisis. I especially like when she says:

“We need societies that encourage men to be nurturing parents, too. Men who raise children are much less likely to insist on having too many. They also raise children who humanize the gender roles because they know that men can be as nurturing as women — just as women can be as achieving in the world as men. When men are equal parents, women no longer have two jobs, one outside the home and one in it. And men have developed all their human qualities, and no longer are limited to proving “masculinity” by being in control or even violent and conquering. Both men and women raising children — and both women and men using their talents in the world — are crucial to developing our full humanity, and to escaping the gender roles [that] normalize injustice.”


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