Monthly Archives: February 2011

Another Adiós

Despite everything I’ve said here, in the moment I have to say goodbye for another long time, there is nothing I wouldn’t give to have fallen in love with someone in my own country. Or to have been born Argentinean. Yeah, it’s wonderful, different, interesting. But I just feel like it’s a situation that inevitably presents you with painful, impossible choices. Who will leave their family? Who will abandon the comfort and success they might have had at home for unknown struggles abroad? Who will face the isolation of always being an outsider?  It seems so unfair that you build something beautiful only to know that it will always go hand in hand with loss and sadness. Or maybe that’s just how life works.

I want to discover some kind of magical solution to this problem. Has anyone figured it out? Please point me to them. What I’m realizing is that it’s not the cultural differences that make this something people advise you to avoid. It’s that it sets you up for a lifetime of challenges and heartache. And perhaps it’s what you most love about each other, everything you bring from your home experiences, that makes it harder in the end.