I LOVE THIS. Check out the Buenos Aires version: http://buenosaires.ihollaback.org/

Street harassment of women  is not ok, I really don’t buy that the aggressive version of is part of anyone’s culture. This is so often underestimated and undervalued, women are supposed to just put their heads down and accept. In a recent improv dance exercise I did with a group of university girls, we had to come up with movements expressing the story someone shared of being commented upon and harassed in the street. I was amazed that the majority of them expressed some form of covering their faces, withdrawing into themselves, hiding, showing sadness and shame. Where is the anger? Where is the fighting back? Now with this global Hollaback! movement, women around the world are sharing their stories and locations, debunking the myth that this only happens in “some” places to “some” women. It actually happens a lot more than anyone realizes, and it’s time for us to stop taking it. Which, by the way, can happen without becoming the man-hating, femininity-denouncing, crazy person that so many people think equals “feminist.” I am a feminist because I love being a woman, I love what that means to me, and I believe that I and all other women have the right to respect and dignity, in the public and private sphere — in our relationships, our friendships, our places of work and education, and in the most dangerous place of all: the street.


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