10 lesser-known lunfardo

Well, I don’t know if all of these words are technically lunfardo, Argentina’s special version of street slang, but here are some of the more recent (and useful) argentinismos I’ve heard:

  1. Capaz: a synonym for tal vez or quizas. Maybe.
  2. Pibe, piba: kid, guy, girl.
  3. Fiaca: laziness, like when you want to just lie around and not do anything, as in, “tengo fiaca” or “que fiaca!”
  4. Posta: really, truly. If you’re asking if something happened for real, you say “posta??” and you can answer in the same way.
  5. Macana: sucky, shitty, as in something bad happens and you say, “que macana.”
  6. Garca: a person who will screw you over, cheat you (get it? it’s cagar (to shit) with the letters switched).
  7. Cheto/a: a high-society person, who dresses well, goes to the best places, and looks down on everyone else.
  8. Careta: someone who wants and tries to be cheto, but isn’t. Careta means mask, so it’s someone who’s a social climber and forgets their roots.
  9. Garchar: yep, to fuck.
  10. Enganchar: to get hooked, or become obsessed/involved with, as in “me enganche rapido con ese pibe, y a poco tiempo nos pusimos de novios” (I got involved with that guy quickly, and soon we became serious).
  11. (BONUS!) Embole. something boring, a drag, as in, ¨that party was such an embole.”

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