Monthly Archives: November 2011


This will be quick because the boy is in the shower and then brunch at the best roadside diner on the Mass/Vermont border awaits! Today is our two year anniversary. I almost never sleep in, but this morning I did, and my favorite thing ever happened, that we woke up together and sleepily snuggled for a long time. And then a card fell on my head out of nowhere….a beautiful, beautiful card with a confusing clue, and a TREASURE HUNT that eventually led me to rifle through the recycling in our kitchen, the owner of this apartment’s cd collection, and the dryer (the clue was, “where you put your clothes but I don’t put mine” — because if he puts his there, dryer-virgins that they are, they’ll shrink!!). It was such a lovely, unexpected surprise from my amazing beloved H.

Ok, I know I promised other updates, but they will happen soon, I swear! For now it’s pancake and waffle time.