Guess what! I’m moving!!!

…and not just to Argentina. Been there, done that…it’s a new week, people. No, this blog is moving. Please visit/bookmark/subscribe/write down on a tiny scrap of paper (drumroll):

This blog (Besuquear) was mainly born out of my intense curiosity about this intercultural relationship I was embarking on, and my desire to hear from others in the same situation. But as I’m sure you’ve noticed lately, I’ve been wanting to branch out for a while and talk more about life in general, and also include more photos. So now that I finally made the physical move, I thought it was time for the virtual one too. Don’t worry, all the old posts are still there. Why is BuenosEye a good thing? Because it’s prettier. And cooler. And funner. And I swear, to commit to it as an actual blogger who really writes more than once a month just so her archives can look nice. So, um, in case you didn’t click already, DO IT! DO IT NOW!! And then never come back here again. 🙂


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